A vote for change

My facebook newsfeed was buzzing with ‘go out and vote’ statuses and  pictures of people with the inked index finger. The reason?  Today was Delhi Assembly elections and anyone can vouch that there has been a very different sort of wave in the Capital, a revolution almost. There was a time when getting up, going out and voting was considered a ‘time waste’ and almost stupid thing specially amongst the youngsters. However, this time around, the scenario completely changed.  Voting became the ‘in thing’ and people who dint have a voter card were almost ostracized and made fun of by their friends. Because voting is the cool thing to do. This attitude, this change makes me so happy, so hopeful.

We saw a new party giving head-to-head competition to the political stalwarts. This was the Aam Aadmi party (The party of the common man). In my opinion, the enthusiasm amongst the youth, the energy throughout the capital is majorly because of them. ‘This is going to be revolution’ they said, and it almost became a ‘pre-war appeal’. A war against corruption. Against caste based politics. Against the decay of the Indian Political system. Against Crimes. Against distributing liquor and money to buy people’s vote. Against the hopelessness we all have felt for there were just two major parties to choose from. It was a cry, for a better Delhi, a better India.

I am not a blind supporter, I know they are not perfect, they have made many mistakes. But I also know that they have captured attention of Delhiites like nobody has before, they have made people believe that transparency is possible, they have inspired me and many more like me, they have again brought in the long lost belief that the first purpose of politics is the serve the people. Are they going to win? I dont know. Maybe, maybe not. But what’s important is that they have moved people. They gave the two main parties come out of their complacent shell. They made youngsters like me take interest and talk about politics- in colleges, in coffee shops, in metros. They made me get up at 7 AM on a holiday and be the first person to vote in my polling station.

If they win, I hope they bring about a new era of politics we all have been waiting for. If they lose, I hope they don’t give up on their mission and continue fighting this war. Continue inspiring many more like me. Because this was my first vote and I voted for change. I voted for Aam Aadmi Party. Jai Hind.


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