Its time to get angry!

The inspiration for this post comes from different places, dots that suddenly connected today. Hearing a senior officer say- ‘nobody dies of cold’ when being interrogated about riot victims dying in Muzaffarnagar. It comes from seeing leaders of a political party beating up the guy at toll bridge for simply doing his duty and asking them for the toll money. It comes from seeing a story of a father who is  fighting for justice for his dead son who was hit by a truck driver, by seeing his struggle against overloaded trucks and the recklessness with which they drive and the corrupt system. It comes from hearing elders say- ‘Thodi bohot corruption toh chalti hai’ ( A little corruption is not really bad).

I am a 20 year old idealist. I have been bought up to believe that truth always triumphs. I have been taught that good  always wins over evil. I have been told to be patient. I have been told that everything has a right time. Day by day, every hour, every minute something bad happens- a rape, an accident, a murder, abuse, corruption, people failing to do their duty. I hear stories of officers being transferred 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, 40 times, in some cases over 50 times. Why? Because they do their duty? Because they refuse to become a part of the stinky system and raise their voice for justice? For doing what they REALLY are suppose to do? (

What do we do when we hear of anything like this? Go to Jantar Mantar?   Burn some candles, Sing some songs? Then what?  Has any of this REALLY moved us?  All we end up doing is ‘intellectually’discussing issues over a cup of coffee or talking about them at fancy MUN’S and debates. Are we- you and me waiting for something to happen to our loved ones to actually do something?Many of us might  think- ‘Oh, that hungry kid. I wish I could do something.  Well as noble as your thoughts are,  they are not helping that hungry kid in any way.  Its time to go beyond words and thoughts. Its time for some action.  Its time to get angry. I have decided  what I am going to do, I hope you decide yours.

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