Time, Time.

Remember when people told you that time is everything? And how it sounded like a cliché. Well, its true. However, one thing I have come to realize is that the concept of time we have been taught is faulty. Time is not months, or days or hours or even minutes. Time is this moment. This very moment. Nothing more, nothing less. Time is the moment I type this word. And this. And this, and this. And this.

So, utilizing time doesn’t mean that each and every hour of your day is planned, it just means doing what you want to do this moment, this second. The untimely death of two young people I distantly knew of has reminded me of my mortality, and how life indeed is short. It’s transitory. It reminded me of how much I have got to do. It reminded me of how much time I waste thinking. It reminded me of how I have got to keep people I love, close. Most importantly, it reminded of how life is way too short for drama.
Want do so something? Do it. Don’t like your job? Quit. Missing somebody? Call. Want to be understood? Explain. Want to travel? Pack your bags and go. Feeling stuck in a relationship? End it. Want to do something? DO IT.

I realized everything is simple, really simple. It’ the mind which screws it. We screw it, when we waste this moment, because this moment is all we’ve got. We insult the moment when we are too busy glorifying our future rather than being in the present. We insult the moment when we post things on Facebook walls and simultaneously create more walls around ourselves. We insult the moment when we don’t live in that moment.

Thats one thing I need to get used to, seeing time as a moment. Not in days, not in hours, not in minutes. But in moment.

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