Learning from an aggressive, full-of-garbage woman!

Today, when I was travelling in the metro with my colleague, I saw this young woman, she must have been around 25, with two kids- a boy and a girl. The baby girl must have been around 3 years old and she was very jovial- jumping around, wanting mother’s attention, going round and round on the poles. I was just adoring her when I saw her mother slapping her hard. I kept quite despite hating what that woman did.

Again after two minutes, the baby girl wanted her mother’s attention, her love. And the mother slapped her 4 times! Bloody four times! It was if she never wanted to have her and was taking out all her frustration on her. This outraged me. And I commented on her actions by telling my colleague- ‘Why do people conceive kids when they can’t raise them?’.  She heard me, and honestly I wanted her to. She confronted me, there was arrogance and no shame in her voice. ‘How dare you say that?’ She asked. I stayed silent.

Then she and her mother-in-law started abusing me. ‘Girls like you walk naked on the roads’, ‘You are a whore’ ‘You slut’ ‘ I’ll beat you with my sandals’. They even started abusing the people who were supporting me. You know, they were full of garbage, and they just found a target to take it out on. They looked like sorts of people who would never admit they were wrong and were ready to pick up a violent fight at any moment they could. So, I dint react at all, instead I kept on smiling- smiling at their failures, at the garage that was inside her, smiling at the fact that they were shouting at me when it was their fault.

My indifference began to annoy them. They raised the intensity of their abuses. In the end, I said- ‘You slapped your girl 5 times, what else could you expect to hear from people who see this’.  Her reply shocked me. She said- ‘its my girl and I  can do whatever I want with her, I can kill her if I want to and you have no right to say anything, I have all rights over her’. More than angry, I felt sad hearing it. I hated our society, where having a kid is an obligation, where people produce kids even if they don’t want to. Where kids become vent-out targets.

There was another thing I realized, that some people walk with loads and loads of garbage inside them. And when it becomes difficult to handle, they look for people to dump their garbage at. They look for opportunities to aggress. Even the simplest truths will provoke them. The best way to deal with such people is to simply ignore them, smile at their fake bubbles.


2 thoughts on “Learning from an aggressive, full-of-garbage woman!

  1. I am not judging or supporting anything, but I think instead of provoking, if you reasoned with her, tried to make her understand that she was wrong, thought however less the chances were, it could have made a difference. Somehow, from the eyes of the little girl, you smiling at her and she abusing you doesn’t leave the kid anywhere. Also we can’t ignore them (though i do too, but i try not to). I am not criticizing just, I might have done the same thing or nothing at all.

    • Hi Avinav, you’re right. Reasoning is the tougher, but the right way. The situation was so frustrating that o couldn’t help but comment. But yes, that was not exactly the correct think to do.
      Thanks for the honest feedback, really appreciate it. 🙂

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