Fighting patriarchy: Dreams of a 20 year old girl

IMG_0952Patriarchy. A system which is so strong, so powerful. A system which can be very explicit and visible on one hand and so subtle, so difficult to notice on another hand. The more I open my eyes, the more aware I become, the more I am able to see the all pervasiveness of patriarchy all around me. It is everywhere- in actions, words, jokes, in people, in advertisements.  I see gender insensitivity in people I look up to, in people who are so called modernized, in people who claim to be liberal minded, in people who call themselves hard-core feminists. I have stopped fooling myself and hence I am able to see it everywhere. It scares me. It frightens me beyond wits. It makes me feel small, because it so big, it’s so strong. And I am small in front of it.

But it also makes my heart beat a little faster, it makes me want to think more and become more, it flames my fire to fight this fucked up system and create a better one. One, in which free thought is encouraged, one in which both women and men stand at par with each other, where a person’s sex will have no role in determining what she/he should do. I want to challenge each and every set norm which gives legitimacy to patriarchy. I want to challenge the smallest and  the biggest, the most horrendous way in which this mind-set manifests itself. I don’t have any plans of how to do it. I don’t have resources for it. I don’t have any fancy degree or  an innate gift of gab to inspire people. I just have a heart which beats, a mind that dreams.  And this, I am sure will take me there.

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