Religion: Why fight and kill over it?


Why is religion such a big deal?

This is a question I have often asked. A question,  I have often thought about. A question, I have often debated about. A question,  which intrigues me. A question to which I still haven’t got any answers.

As an Atheist, living in a nation where wars have been fought, people killed, and women subdued in the name of religion,  this question often blazes predominantly in my mind. Almost every day I read in the newspaper about some riot, some fight, some misunderstanding, some protest because the ‘religious sentiments of particular community have been hurt.’ And that annoys, that kills any probability of me following ANY religion anytime soon.  If religion does that to people, I don’t want to be religious, I am happy being an atheist. It breaks my heart when I see people giving a religious angle to something like rape. The recent case of the alleged forced conversion and rape of the girl which the Hidutwa groups so vociferously is an example. So, you oppose a rape only because it has happened to someone from your community? Would the same people take out protest march if say, a Muslim was raped? Or A Christian? Or a Jain? I probably know the answer way too well.

There was a point in time, where I became anti-religion because I thought religion makes people do such things. But its now that I realize that its people who do this to religion. I refuse to believe that your god would have wanted you to fight with others. I refuse to accept that your god would have wanted you to kill  masses to prove she/he is better than other ‘gods’. I refuse to believe that god would have wanted you to waste billions and billions on building temples, performing rituals and  fancy bhogs when a large chunk of the population can’t afford two square meals a day. Isn’t religion just a way of belief? Isn’t religion just about how can we spend happier and more content life? Isn’t that how  should have been? Isn’t that how it ought to be? Why do we, human beings complicate this so much?

I don’t have that deep an understanding to write about something as deep as religion. But well, here’s a twenty year old atheist girl who is genuinely confused about why belief in any god takes precedence over love towards  the mankind.

One thought on “Religion: Why fight and kill over it?

  1. It’s like you voiced my thoughts.
    I consider myself to be an Agnostic theist,and one of my primary beliefs regarding religion is that it has been twisted to suit human misadventures.Organised religion,somehow reminds me of an extremely Pavlovian situation,where you’re constantly told that doing good things makes you a good person and hence guarantees you a ticket to heaven(or whatever kind of blessed afterlife you believe in).But the problem lies in the fact that most people would do ceremoniously religious things just because they want that reward.They aren’t helping someone else because that’s the right thing to do anyway,but rather,because they think it’ll put their names higher up in God’s list of ‘People to put in heaven’.
    As far as I’m concerned,I don’t think anyone ever got to heaven after murdering people,simply because they fasted every Tuesday,took a dip in Ganga or went to church every Sunday.

    Great article!

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