A woman is women’s biggest enemy.

‘A woman is women’s biggest enemy.’

These were the words of my political science teacher every time we talked about gender discrimination. I dint understand it back then. I dint believe it. How was that possible?

It has been three years since then and time has made me think hard about this. As a young girl who wishes to smash patriarchy, this statement always blazes in my mind whenever I think about why patriarchy is so strong, so pervasive.

I was in the local salon the other day, waiting for a haircut and I saw the owner of the store         talking on phone. Apparently her son was about to get married and she was describing her to-be daughter-in-law. ‘ Mundi badi MNC mein kaam karti hai. Par shaadi ke maine  use churwadena hai ye sab. Agar wo kaam par jaegi toh meri madad kaun karega?’ (The girl works in a big MNC. But I’ll make her leave her job after marriage. If she works outside, who will help me out?), So here’s the owner of a big two-storeyed salon and she doesn’t want her daughter-in-law to work. Wow. And this made me wonder- Was Ma’am right when she said that a woman is  women’s biggest enemy?

Two years back a distant relative gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The husband was ecstatic, so was her father-in-law. However, when the nurse announced this to the mother, she broke down, started crying. She turned her face away and dint touch her own daughter for two whole days. When I heard about this, the first thing that came to my mind- Is a woman women’s worst biggest enemy?

Delhi metro is a fascinating place, you can never get bored if you are observant. The other day I was reading the newspaper in the metro when a girl from North-East entered the metro compartment. She was wearing denim hot pants, a tube top and loud make-up. While I was admiring how gracefully she can carry something like this, I heard the two girls sitting next to me giggle and then whisper. ‘Such a slut. Wonder how much she’s paid.’  And mind you, the two girls were from one of the best DU colleges.  (They were wearing college sweatshirts). I couldn’t help but give them a disgusted look. That incident brought me back to what my teacher said. And that day I was sure. It’s a woman who is women’s biggest enemy.

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