I just want to… be.

By: Ankita Nawalakha 


 I just want to be an observer, a silent observer to everything happening. I don’t want to judge anybody, neither be judged. I don’t want to expect neither be expected from. I want to fly. Fly away. Fly over. Fly across. I don’t want to think about the past or the future. I don’t want to think whether my actions will lead to fruition or not. For I want to be a doer, a doer of the highest order. I want to do without thinking of the consequences, of the glory it will get me. I want to stop my desire, my need for external validation, I want to stop seeking safety of fancy names and organizations.

I want to just.. be. And let other around me be. I want to come out of that wrapped layer of protection. For I want to be unashamedly me. I want to go wherever this beating heart takes me, learn and grow. I don’t want to think whether it will lead me somewhere. I want my path to be the goal, the end. I want the journey to take hold of me, I want it to lead me wherever it must. I don’t want to be thinking about the shackles of society- parents, siblings, friends, peers and my own thoughts and schemas which have been conditioned by the society. I want to laugh hard, I want to cry hard. I want to feel my emotions, really feel them. I want to get detached from them. I want to find my purpose of life- that one thing I am meant for.

I want to be an observer to all this- to the journey, to my actions, to the world. For I just want to be.

4 thoughts on “I just want to… be.

  1. Observation in my understanding is about mindfulness and being sensitive, about oneself and our surroundings. Listening in my view is deeply connected with observation. Just being aware and conscious about one’s actions which with observation takes us on an intensive tour of our intentions. I wish that this eternal journey takes you deeper within yourself.

    Here’s a little thing coming your way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DSTWM_WjTA

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