An Open letter to Rajnath Singh and other ‘concerned’ politicians who want to ban the documentary on 16th December

 By:  Ankita Nawalakha

Reverent politicians,

You are right. Let us ban the 16th December documentary. After all, it is derogatory, it is ‘attacking’ the dignity of women in general, and Nirbhaya in particular. He is a rapist, why should anybody interview him? He is ‘encouraging’ more rapes. The documentary made by foreign director is tarnishing the image of our Great India. You are right, of course. We must ban the documentary.

‘The documentary is a mirror to the society’ says Nirbhaya’s father. It echoes the thought process and mindsets of millions of men (and women)  of this nation and others. But no, we don’t want to hear the truth. 16th December shook the nation, in a way never seen before. And the documentary has rubbed the wounds raw again. It has reminded us of how distant we are from fulfilling our promise of an egalitarian society. It has pricked our bubble, hurt our great Indian ego. Of course, you are right- we must ban the documentary.

The interview with Mukesh (one of the rapists) rubs in our faces that such a man is still alive. That it has been over two years and the court proceedings are not finished yet. That the already limited resources of this nation are being wasted to keep these five assholes alive. It reminds us of how paralyzed our judicial system is. So, you are right: we must ban the documentary.

Mukesh said- ‘Good girls should not venture out in night. She invited rape. If should would have surrendered, we would have just raped and left. She shouldn’t’ have fought. ’
Respected politicians, you are not concerned about the contents of the interview, but how disturbingly common such an opinion is. Mukesh’s sentence sounds very familiar to the statements given by many of our great politicians, our sadhus, lawyers, police officers and a large segment of public who feel that a rape is woman’s fault.  His sentence echoes what people in India feel about rape.  Of course, we don’t want to hear or face the truth. So, you are right, we must ban the documentary.

Let us ban this and everything else that tells us the truth, that pricks our bubble.  After all, banning stuff is our favourite pastime. And hence, discussing whether a rape documentary should be banned is, of course, more important that discussing how we can change this kind of mind-set. A foreign director making documentary on the horrific incident tarnishes our national image but thousands and thousands of rapes which happen every year in this nation doesn’t tarnish that image?

The documentary screams the opinion of every man on this planet who feel that they own a woman’s body. It represents all those times when someone thinks molesting or teasing a girl is fun. It reverberates the acrid words of- ‘Boys will be boys. Girls should be more careful.’  It shouts out aloud about every fucking thing that is wrong with this nation’s mentality. And that is why, you are right. We must ban the documentary.

Yours sincerely,
A 21 year old shameless girl

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